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Pulled Pork Nachos

Grand Slam Favorite!

Nacho chips topped with cheddar cheese sauce, pulled pork tossed in BBQ sauce, pico de gallo, jalapeños, sour cream and guacamole

Large 13.99 | Regular 11.99

Fried Mushrooms or Cauliflower8.99

Your choice, served with our spicy dipping sauce or ranch. Add some spice and toss it in a buffalo wing sauce

Ballpark Nachos

Tortilla chips loaded with chili, cheddar cheese sauce, pico de gallo, jalapeños, lettuce, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream

Large 11.99 | Regular 9.99

Shark Bites12.99

Grand Slam Favorite!

A Must Try! 8 ounces of Mako Shark Bites.
Choose your flavor: Blackened | Lemon Pepper | Teriyaki | Citrus Butter | Bourbon Glaze | Simply Grilled

Grand Slam Platter15.99

Golden cheese planks, pretzel bites, toasted ravioli, mini tacos and steak fries. Served with ranch, marinara, cheese sauce, and our spicy dipping sauce
No substitutions

Fried Green Beans8.99

Battered and fried green beans. Served with our spicy dipping sauce

Onion Blossom Petals6.99

Delicious deep-fried onion petals. Served with our spicy dipping sauce or ranch

Pretzel Bites5.99

Soft pretzel bites, brown and crisped. Served with cheddar cheese dipping sauce

Golden Cheese Planks6.99

Mozarella, romano, parmesan, asiago and fontina in a crunchy Italian breading, deep fried and served with our marinara sauce

Toasted Jumbo Beef Ravioli8.99

Served with our marinara sauce

Slammin' Potato Skins9.99

Topped with provel and cheddar cheese, bacon bits, chives, and green peppers. Served with a side of sour cream

Mini Tacos7.99

Deep fried mini-tacos. Served with salsa and sour cream

Guacamole Wontons8.99

Housemade mosels of guacamole stuffed inside a fried wonton shell

Steak or Chicken Quesadilla12.99

Your choice of Grilled Steak or Grilled Chicken Breast with green peppers, onion, provel and cheddar cheese into a soft tortilla shell toasted to a light brown. Served with salsa, sour cream, guacamole

Wings & Salad8.99

Six fried jumbo wings and small house salad

Golden Chicken Strips8.99

Juicy chicken strips, deep-fried and served with choice of dipping sauce

Charcuterie Board15.99

Grand Slam Favorite!

Enjoy an assortment of meats, cheese and fruits to share. Ask your server for today's selections

Salads & Soups

Add Garlic Bread 1.99

Salad Additions
Chilled, Grilled or Fried Chicken Breast 2.99 | Crispy Buffalo Chicken 2.99 | Grilled Shrimp 4.99 | Garlic Bread 1.99 | Dinner Side Salad 2.99

House Made Dressings
Sweet Italian Vinaigrette | Lite Sweet Italian Vinaigrette | House Mustard | French | Blue Cheese | Caesar | Thousand Island | Buttermilk Ranch

Take it Home available by the bottle 5.99

Home Run Salad

Made with fresh salad blend, topped with provel and cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and croutons. Choose your desired dressing

Add a chicken breast 2.99

Large 9.99 | Regular 6.99

Texas Taco Salad

Grand Slam Favorite!

Made with our fresh salad blend, tossed with our house-made salsa ranch, placed into a large crispy taco shell then topped with our house mexi-meat ground beef blend, black olives, tomatoes, onions, provel and cheddar cheese, chives, and sour cream

Large 12.99 | Regular 9.99

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, tossed with Ed's house-made Caesar dressing and topped with parmesan cheese and croutons

Add a chicken breast 2.99 - We recommend 2 breasts with our large Caesar

Large 12.99 | Regular 10.99

Baked Potato Soup

Our house made potato soup, topped with shredded cheddar, bacon bits and green onions. Sour cream by request

Bowl 5.99 | Cup 3.99

Steak Salad

Our special blend of mixed greens, topped with savory slices of steak, provel, tomatoes, onion and croutons

Large 16.99 | Regular 14.99

Italian Wedding Soup

Our warm bowl of Italian wedding soup consists of meatballs, fresh leafy greens, onions, carrots and pastina in a chicken

Bowl 5.99 | Cup 3.99

Pupillo Italian Salad

Grand Slam Favorite!

Made with our fresh salad blend topped with salami, Italian beef, ham, provel cheese, red onions, and black olives. Tossed in our house-made Sweet Italian Vinaigrette

Large 11.99 | Regular 8.99


Bowl 5.99 | Cup 3.99

Chili Mac

Regular 9.99 | Large 12.99


9-inch Small 11.99 | 12-inch Medium 16.99 | 16-inch Large 19.99

Mighty Meaty PIzza

Pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham amd bacon strips
No substitutions

Slammin' Supreme

Grand Slam Favorite!

Pepperoni, ham, bacon strips, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and our house blend of cheeses
No substitutions

Porky Pig PIzza

BBQ sauce base, topped with pulled pok, cheddar cheese and white onions

All The Veggies Pizza

Tomatoes, onions, green peppers, black olives, mushrooms and our house blend of cheeses
No substitutions

Build Your Own

Create your own special pizza

Cheese Pizza
9-inch Small 8.99 | 12-inch MEdium 12.99 | 16-inch Large 14.99

Upgade any Small pizza to a Cauliflower crust 2.00

Additional Toppings
Small 1.00 | Medium 1.50 | Large 2.00

Italian Sausage | Hamburger | Pork Sausage | Bacon | Pepperoni | Italian Beef | Chicken | Ham | Onion | Green Pepper | Black Olive | Mushroom | Jalapeño | Banana Peppers | Anchovy | Tomato | Extra Cheese


Jumbo Winning Wings

Bone In or Boneless

Your choice: Mild | Honey Hot | Inferno Hot | Gold | Teriyaki | BBQ | Garlic Parmesan | Ed's Dry Rub | Lemon Pepper Dry Rub | Trashed | Trashed and Wet | BBQ Honey Stingin' Garlic | Mango Habanero

Order of
10 Piece - 8.99 | 24 Piece - 19.99 | 50 Piece - 37.99 | 100 Piece - 75.00


Served with your choice of a side

Side Choices
Steak Cut French Fries | Tater Tots | Cottage Cheese | Broccoli | Mixed Veggies | Applesauce | Tortilla Chips & Salsa | Garlic Bread

Substitute Premium Side
Dinner Side Salad 1.00 | Pupillo Italian Side Salad or Caesar Side Salad add 1.49 | Baked Potato 1.00 or Loaded Baked Potato 1.99 | Onion Petals 1.00

Our Famous Reuben11.99

Grand Slam Favorite!

Best Reuben in Town! Lots of sliced corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and 1000 Island on grilled marble rye bread

French Dip Roast Beef Sandwich11.99

Grand Slam Favorite!

Thinly sliced roast beef on a French bread seasoned with garlic butter and topped with melted provel cheese. Comes with a side of au jus

Grand Slam Club9.99

Ham, turkey, bacon, Swiss and American cheeses, lettuce, tomato and bacon aioli, served on grilled wheat

Island Tacos

Spicy shrimp or blackened tilapia, slaw, pico de gallo, mango habanero aioli, Cotija cheese and cilantro stuffed into three flour tortillas

Spicy Shrimp 14.99 | Blackened Tilapia 12.99

NY Strip Steak Sandwich16.99

Grand Slam Favorite!

8oz NY strip steak, our special seasoning, on a French bread with lettuce, tomato, pickle, your choice of cheese

Steak & Shrimp Po' Boy16.99

Grand Slam Favorite!

8oz of sliced steak topped with grilled shrimp, rich alfredo and provel cheese and then baked in the oven

Salmon B.L.T. 15.99

Grilled salmon, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mango habanero aioli on toasted wheat bread

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich10.99

Chicken strips flavored in our buffalo hot sauce; topped with lettuce, tomato, and your choice of cheese on a grilled hoagie

BLT Grande11.99

Piled high bacon with lettuce, tomato and bacon aioli on toasted wheat bread

Pretzel Hot Italian Sandwich10.99

Roast beef, pepperoni, salami, ham, provel, topped with banana pepper over tossed Pupillo lettuce topping on a warm pretzel bun

Grilled Chicken Sandwich11.99

with Ed's special seasoning, your choice of cheese and avocado garlic aioli, served on a toasted bun

Grouper Fish Po' Boy12.99

Deep-fried grouper stuffed into a hoagie roll with tartar sauce, malt vinegar or cocktail

Brentwood Chicken12.99

Grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, provel and cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard sauce on a French Bread

Pulled Pork Pretzel Sandwich12.99

Our seasoned pulled pork tossed in our house BBQ sauce


Half Pound burger of premium ground beef served with a choice of side

Side Choices
Steak Cut French Fries | Tater Tots | Cottage Cheese | Broccoli | Mixed Veggies | Applesauce | Tortilla Chips & Salsa | Garlic Bread

Substitute Premium Side
Dinner Side Salad 1.00 | Pupillo Italian Side Salad or Caesar Side Salad add 1.49 | Baked Potato 1.00 or Loaded Baked Potato 1.99 | Onion Petals 1.00

Cheese Choices: American | Cheddar | Swiss | Bleu Cheese | Provel | Pepper Jack

Make any Burger on a pretzel bun 1.00

Smoke House Burger11.99

Grand Slam Favorite!

Topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, sautéed onions, and steak sauce on a toasted bun

Patty Melt11.99

Our classic patty melt - with sautéed mushrooms and onions, and melted Swiss cheese on grilled marble rye bread

Add Bacon 1.99

Grand Slam Cheeseburger9.99

Our seasoned burger topped with your choice of cheese on a toasted bun

Add Bacon 1.99

Volcano Burger10.99

Hot and Zesty! Seasoned with Cajun flavoring then topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, and our inferno hot sauce on a toasted bun

Pretzel Jalapeño Burger11.99

Served with cheddar cheese sauce and jalapeños on a lightly salted pretzel hamburger bun

Egg Royale Burger12.99

Egg-slent burger topped with a fried egg cooked to order, your choice of cheese, and two slices of bacon on a toasted bun

Main Event

Choice of two sides

Main Event Side Choices:
Steak Cut French Fries | Tater Tots | Cottage Cheese | Broccoli | Baked Potato | Chef's Choice Veggies | Applesauce | Tortilla Chips & Salsa | Garlic Bread

Substitute Premium Side Choices:
Pupillo Italian Side Salad, Caesar Side Salad or Loaded Baked Potato add 1.00 | Grilled Shrimp 99¢ each

New York Strip Steak17.99

8oz New York Strip Steak seasoned with Ed's Special Seasoning. Cooked to your desired temperature

Add 4 jumbo Fried Shrimp 5.00| Add 6 Grilled Shrimp Scampi 7.00

Fried Shrimp Dinner13.99

Hand breaded fantail shrimp with a side of our house-made cocktail sauce

Filet Medallions16.99

Beef tenderloin in our signature mushrooms red wine sauce

Grouper Fish Dinner14.99

A half pound of deep-fried grouper, served with tartar sauce, malt vinegar or cocktail sauce


10 ounces of Ribeye Steak seasoned with Ed's Special Seasoning and cooked to your desired temperature

Provel Chicken12.99

Two charbroiled chicken breasts, grilled with our house seasoning and topped with sautéed mushrooms and melted provel cheese

Steak of the Month

Try our steak of the month. Ask your server for our selection for the current month

Market Price

Brontosaurus Pork Chop33.99

A meal for two, thin 24 ounce Duroc king bone pork chop wih belly attached, served with your choice of sides


Served with garlic bread and a side salad.

Upgrade to Pupillo or Caesar side salad for 1.49

Mostaccioli Pupillo

Grand Slam Favorite!

Our House famous Baked Mostaccioli in our Sicilian style meat sauce topped with provel and pepperoni and then baked

Large 14.99 | Regular 11.99

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Sicilian Style marinara sauce on a bed of spaghetti and topped with meatballs

Large 12.99 | Regular 9.99

Alfredo Con Broccoli

Penne with broccoli and mushrooms in our house-made creamy alfredo sauce.

Add Grilled Chicken 2.99 or Grilled Shrimp 4.99

Large 12.99 | Regular 9.99

Kids Little League

11 and under, please

Served with side and fountain soft drink plus an ice cream cup

Toasted Ravioli5.99


Grilled Cheese Sandwich5.99

Spaghetti & Meatball5.99

Chicken Strips5.99


Cheese Planks5.99


Dulce De Leche Cheesecake5.99

Xango With Vanilla Ice Cream5.99

Blueberry White Chocolate Cheese Brulee5.99

Root Beer Float5.99

Molten Chocolate Cake5.99

Big Blitz Snickers Pie5.99

The FDA advises consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs increases your risk for foodborne illness