The Grand Slam Party Rooms

At Grand Slam, you can always reserve a table, or a few, in the dining room, bar area, or patio for a fun gathering. These parties order off the menu and each guest can pay individually, or the host can pay for the group. 

The Phoenix Room, located inside Grand Slam, is good for parties of up to 20 people. In this room, we offer off-menu ordering or family-style menus. 

Pupillo's Five Twenty Five is located next to Grand Slam, and is ideal for parties of around 55 people or less. This is a completely private room, and food is serviced buffet style only, which must be pre-ordered. 

Pupillo's Wicked Chicken is on High Ridge Blvd; larger tables are available during the day, or you can rent out the venue after hours for private parties of 50-100.  

If you're hosting a wedding, retirement party, or other large events, Pupillo's Banquet & Event Center, also on High Ridge Blvd, hosts parties of up to 250. 

For more information on hosting your party, call 314.707.0010